SNAP-8 (topical) (200mg)

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SNAP-8 (topical)

Synaptosomal-associated protein 8, or the SNAP-8 peptide, is a synthetic analog of the N-terminal end of the SNAP-25 peptide. This peptide was developed to compete with the SNAP-25 protein to bind with the vehicle-associated membrane proteins. Once the SNAP-8 peptide binds with these proteins, it appears to destabilize the formation of the Soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor Attachment Protein Receptor (SNARE) complex. This, in turn, may prevent the release of acetylcholine in the body, reducing facial muscle contractions. Ultimately, all these biological activities induced by SNAP-8 peptide may cause a reduction in facial lines and wrinkles.(1)

Chemical Makeup(2)

Molecular Formula: C41H70N16O16S
Molecular Weight: 1075.2 g/mol
Other known titles: SNAP-8 (Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide-3),  Synaptosomal-associated protein 8


Research and Clinical Studies

SNAP-8 Peptide and Expression Lines

A study(3) was conducted in 2021 to study the potential of the peptide on expression lines and wrinkles. In this double-blind, randomized clinical trial, 55 female subjects were enrolled. All candidates were aged between 35 and 60 years, with Fitzpatrick skin type I to VI. All subjects were asked to apply either the peptide serum or a placebo on their faces twice a day for 12 weeks. Short-term peptide impact was measured 15 minutes after application, and long-term impact was measured at weeks 4, 8, and 12.  After completing this study, it was observed that the peptide appeared to cause a notable reduction in the facial lines within 15 minutes after application. For long-term impact, it was suggested by the researchers that the peptide had potential to induce significant skin improvement after 12 weeks. Researchers Thu Q Nguyen et al. reported, “This IRB-approved clinical study demonstrated that LTPS was effective in improving expression lines, wrinkles, and skin health after twelve weeks of application.”

In another clinical trial conducted in 2013,(4) scientists focused on the Argireline peptide,  a synthetic analog of the N-terminal end of the SNAP-25 peptide, which was developed for anti-aging potential by inhibiting the catecholamine release (as opposed to acetylcholine release). Since both peptides are similar in structure, this study's results may reflect parallel actions of the SNAP-8 peptide. For this trial, 60 subjects were enrolled, of which 45 subjects were presented with the peptide and 15 were presented with a placebo. The peptide or the placebo was applied topically on their facial lines every day for four weeks.  After the completion of the study, it was reported that the peptide group appeared to have improved skin, with almost a 49% reduction in their facial lines and decreased skin roughness. As per Yuan Wang et al.:

"In the subjective evaluation, the total anti-wrinkle efficacy in the argireline group was 48.9 %, compared with 0 % in the placebo group. In the objective evaluation, the parameters of roughness were all decreased in the argireline group (p < 0.01), while no decrease was obvious in the placebo group (p > 0.05). This study showed that argireline had a significant anti-wrinkle effect in Chinese subjects.

SNAP-8 Peptide and Skin Topography

A study(5) aimed to demonstrate whether the SNAP-8 peptide could be used in an oil and water emulsion form to understand the peptide’s stability. When the 10% peptide oil-in-water emulsion was applied in female test subjects for one month, there appeared to be a ~30% reduction in the depth and appearance of facial wrinkles. Moreover, this peptide did not appear to cause any obvious signs of skin irritation or toxicity, based on which the researchers believe the peptide could be a "non-toxic" and "biosafe” peptide that potentially mimics the action of botulinum neurotoxins.(6)

SNAP-8 Peptide and SNARE Protein Complex

SNAP-8 peptide has shown the potential to reduce facial muscle contractions by modulating the SNARE protein complex. One study reported that the peptide appeared to reduce the release of glutamate amino acid by almost 43%. Researchers reportedly claimed that the SNAP-8 peptide might reduce wrinkles by an average of 35%, up to a maximum of 62%,(7) a notable improvement in skin texture.

SNAP-8 peptide is available for research and laboratory purposes only. Please review and adhere to our Terms and Conditions before ordering.


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Dr. Marinov

Dr. Marinov (MD, Ph.D.) is a researcher and chief assistant professor in Preventative Medicine & Public Health. Prior to his professorship, Dr. Marinov practiced preventative, evidence-based medicine with an emphasis on Nutrition and Dietetics. He is widely published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and specializes in peptide therapy research.

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