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PT-141 Peptide

Bremelanotide, which is also commonly known by PT-141, is a synthetic peptide composed of 7 amino acids (2). PT-141 synthetic peptide appears to be agonistic to melanocortin receptors, which is similar to the natural hormone alpha-MSH (3). Initial studies suggested that melanocortin hormones may regulate various physiological functions. When test animals were presented with the isolated hormone, it was reported to present elevated the sexual functions, which is one of the primary areas of research currently being conducted on PT-141 peptide.


Studies (3) have suggested that PT-141 shows agonistic properties towards melanocortin receptors, namely MC3R and MC4R, which may result in elevated reactions in the central nervous system. In these studies (3), it was reported by researchers that after binding with the MC3R and MC4R receptors, the peptide appeared to lead to the activation of the neurons found in the hypothalamus, leading to apparently increased immunoreactivity. Neurons in the surrounding region of the central nervous system may also be stimulated as they intake the chemicals which then reportedly lead to sexual arousal in the study animals.

Research and Clinical Studies

PT-141 Peptide Initial Studies

This early 2000 study (8) was conducted to understand the potential of PT-141 peptide in female rats. The female rat model was used as the subject in this study to determine how the peptide may impact their sexual behavior. After presentation, it was reported that the female rats appeared to exhibit elevated sexual desire without any increase/decrease in the sexual pace, lumbar lordosis, or any other behaviors. After analysis, it was suggested by the researchers that the peptide did not directly impact a generalized motor activation, instead it may have potential selective pharmacological impact that may stimulate the central nervous system, mainly the melanocortin receptor activities, which might result in elevated sexual arousal.

PT-141 Peptide and the Central Nervous System

In this study (9), the main focus was to understand the potential of the peptide in the central nervous system (CNS) and possibly also some brain regions. The study was carried out in prime age female rats with rich levels of the female sexual hormones. Researchers mainly focused on both the sexual behaviors of the rats i.e., appetitive behaviors such as increased pace and agitation, and consummatory behaviors such as lordosis. In this study, the rats were presented with the peptide, which apparently resulted in increased levels of appetitive behavior of solicitation, without impact on the sexual pace or lordosis. Researchers suggested that the primary reason for this reported behavior was induced mPOA, which may lead to the activation of the hypothalamic and other regions of the brain causing increased sexual behavior.


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Certificate of Analysis

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Mass Spectrometry


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