Sermorelin & Ipamorelin Blend (10mg)


Size: 10mg
Contents: Sermorelin 5mg, Ipamorelin 5mg
Form: Lyophilized powder
Purity: >99%

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Sermorelin & Ipamorelin Blend for sale

Both Ipamorelin & Sermorelin are efficacious synthetic peptides, and when blended together, they deliver better results since they are complementary to each other.

Growth hormones play a vital role in accelerating growth during childhood and help regulate the bodily functions throughout the course of life. As people age, the levels of these growth hormones decline in the body. After reaching the middle age of 30 years old, the levels of growth hormone decrease by 14% every 10 years (1). This natural decrease has sparked interest in using growth hormone treatment to decrease the effects of aging, specifically the slowdown in the body functioning process.

While there are various drugs available to combat growth hormone deficiency, peptides such as Sermorelin & Ipamorelin have become popular over time as they help fight this deficiency while also causing no serious side effects.

What is Sermorelin & Ipamorelin Blend

Sermorelin & Ipamorelin are synthetic polypeptides, where Sermorelin is composed of 29 amino acids (2) and Ipamorelin is composed of 5 amino acids (3).

Both these peptides fall under the category of Growth hormone secretagogues (GSHs), which means that these peptides stimulate the organ to release growth hormones naturally in the body and do not act as the growth hormone releasing peptides themselves.


Ipamorelin was the first synthetic peptide discovered with a high selectivity towards the growth hormone receptors. As an outcome of a major chemistry program, Ipamorelin was discovered as a pentapeptide, which stimulates the pituitary gland and thereby elevates the release of growth hormones (4).

Sermorelin is composed of growth hormone fragment GHRF (1-29) amide, and the effects of this fragment was first identified in the early 1980s. It was discovered that upon administration, Sermorelin showed high affinity towards the growth hormone receptors located at the pituitary gland in the body and stimulated the secretion of growth hormones (5).

How does Sermorelin & Ipamorelin blend work?

As mentioned earlier, both Sermorelin & Ipamorelin are growth hormone secretagogues.

Both Ipamorelin & Sermorelin produce their effects by acting on the pituitary gland. Analogous to growth hormone receptor peptide (GHRP) agonists, these peptides possess a high affinity towards the growth hormone receptors and bind with them. Upon binding, it stimulates the pituitary gland and secrete more growth hormones in the body (4,5).

The only difference in their mode of action is the pathway by which they exert their effect. Sermorelin affects the hypothalamic, pituitary and somatotropic axis, while Ipamorelin acts via the ghrelin pathway (7). However, both being growth hormone secretagogues, they exert similar effects as described above.

Since the mode of action of both the peptides is similar, they complement each other when administered together and hence provide efficient, faster results.

Why then administer the blend instead of just one peptide?

Peptide Blend Half-life

The only difference between the two peptides is their respective half-lives where the half-life of Sermorelin is 11 to 12 minutes and that of Ipamorelin is 2 hours (6).

Owing to the short half-life, Sermorelin is able to produce its effect within 5 minutes of administration, whereas Ipamorelin can exert the maximum effect within 1 hour of administration (6).

Hence, when the blend is administered at the same time, the effects “kick in” immediately (due to Sermorelin) and last longer up to at least 2 hours (due to Ipamorelin).

Sermorelin & Ipamorelin blend Benefits

The benefits of the individual peptide are elevated upon using the Sermorelin & Ipamorelin peptide blend, which are as follows:

  • Reduces aging and wrinkles
  • Increases collagen production
  • Elevates bone density
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Reduces body fat
  • Potential treatment for hypogonadism

Available Research Studies

Currently, there is no research and clinical data available for the Ipamorelin & Sermorelin blend, however both these peptides have been individually studied to demonstrate their safety and efficacy.

Based on the below listed individual studies of the peptides, it can be understood that the blend should be able to demonstrate similar effects at a higher rate.

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Ipamorelin peptide

Since the early 2000s, several studies have been conducted on patients with growth hormone deficiency. A study (8) was conducted on 19 individuals, 11 of which possessed mutated growth hormone genes (and growth hormone deficiency) and 8 were healthy individuals. These participants were administered with growth hormone secretagogue, similar to Ipamorelin.

After the administration of the peptide, it was noted that there was a significant increase in the levels of growth hormones – a 5-fold increase in patients and a 79-fold increase in healthy patients.

In another study (9), six growth hormone deficient children were treated with graded doses of Ipamorelin for 8 months, ranging from 0.3 to 3 micrograms per kg bodyweight per day. After two months of treatment, it was observed that the levels of growth hormones were elevated after the treatment, and for a couple hours after, with little effect thereafter. There were no abnormalities or toxicities reported.

Sermorelin peptide

In this study (10), children suffering from growth hormone deficiency were administered with 30 micrograms per kg of body weight via subcutaneous route of administration for 12 months. All the participating children were of pre-puberty age.

After the study, it was noticed that there was an elevation in the concentration of the growth hormones, and the height velocity also increased with continuous, consistent treatment of 12 months.

Ipamorelin and Weight Gain

This study (7) was carried out on growth hormone deficient and healthy female mice for 9 weeks. The mice were divided into three groups, where one was administered with 250 microg/kg bodyweight Ipamorelin, 1.75 mg/kg bodyweight human growth hormone (HGH) and 0.9% saline.

After the 9-week period, it was noticed that the growth hormone deficient mice had weight increase by 15% upon Ipamorelin administration and 95% increase upon HGH administration. While the healthy mice also underwent weight gain by 16% upon Ipamorelin administration and by 28% upon HGH administration.

Also, the weight gain was consistent throughout the 9-week period with HGH treatment, however Ipamorelin induced weight gain only for the first 2 weeks.

Ipamorelin and Gastric Motility

Several studies have been conducted to assess the capacity of Ipamorelin in improving gastric motility after ileum operation. A study (7) was conducted on the rodent model with experimentally induced postoperative ileus (POI), half of which was administered with Ipamorelin while the remaining with control.

After the study, a dose dependent effect was noted, where with every increased dose of Ipamorelin, the transit rate and gastric emptying improved, and consequently reversed the POI induced gastric effects.

Sermorelin and Hypogonadism

In this study (7), the participants were divided into two groups, where one group was administered with Sermorelin, followed by GHRH 1-40 administration after one week. The second group was administered with the same medications but in reverse order.

After the treatment, it was noted that while both peptides elevated the levels of growth hormones, Sermorelin also induced small rises in the levels of prolactin, FSH, and LH. This observation implied that Sermorelin may be used in the treatment of hypogonadism as it may be able to stimulate the testosterone production in the body.

The listed studies show that both peptides promote beneficial pharmacological effects in humans, and thereby, upon intaking the blend, it would yield better results at a faster rate.

Does Sermorelin & Ipamorelin blend cause any adverse effects?

There are studies available which suggest that the growth hormone secretagogues are safe and efficient on long term use (11). However, as with most medications, there are some common side effects of the peptide blend, which are as listed below:

  • Pain, inflammation, itching at the site of administration
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Probable concern of elevated glucose levels, as the GSHs may reduce insulin sensitivity (11)

Sermorelin & Ipamorelin Blend Dosage

Both peptides are available in liquid dosage forms and are mainly administered via subcutaneous or intravenous route of administration (6).

The recommended dose would differ per patient’s individual and drug profile, primarily depending on their bodyweight, medical history and any medications being taken during the same time.

Is this peptide blend prohibited in sports?

There are unethical athletes who abuse such growth hormone secretagogues and obtain an unfair advantage over the remaining competitors – as these secretagogues elevate the energy levels and hence enhance their performance. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) constantly monitors and updates the list of prohibited substances as developments occur in the pharmaceutical industry (13).

Both Ipamorelin & Sermorelin peptides are included in the 2021 List of Prohibited items by WADA (12) and hence banned for athletic use.


Sermorelin & Ipamorelin are synthetic polypeptides classified as ‘growth hormone secretagogues’ and regulate the level of growth hormone in the human body.

The mode of action of both the peptides is highly similar, besides their pathway to exert these effects. Both Sermorelin & Ipamorelin bind with the growth hormone receptors located at the pituitary gland and stimulate these receptors to release growth hormones in the body.

The only difference between the two peptides is their respective half-lives. Sermorelin delivers an instant effect with a half of 12 minutes, while Ipamorelin has a comparatively longer half life of at least two hours.

Both these factors are advantageous to the blend – with similar modes of actions, they are both complementary to each other and due to their individual half-lives, they exert an instant and longer effect when compared to using individual peptides.

While there are several clinical studies available for the two individual peptides, further studies are still required to explore the full potential of these peptides, both individually and together as a blend.


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NOTE: These products are intended for laboratory research use only. Sermorelin & Ipamorelin blend for sale is not for personal use. Please review and adhere to our Terms and Conditions before ordering.

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