Testagen Peptide: Thyroid Research and Studies on Senescence

Testagen, aptly named as a testosterone-boosting bioregulatory peptide, exhibits a notable potential to traverse both cellular and nuclear membranes, engaging directly with DNA. Extensive research suggests that Testagen may possibly stimulate the anterior pituitary...

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Pal-GHK Peptide: Research in Cell Restoration

Palmitoyl-GHK, commonly referred to as palmitoyl-tripeptide-1, represents a novel synthetic compound amalgamating a tripeptide sequence and a palmitic acid component. With the peptide segment denoted by the sequence of glycine-histidine-lysine (GHK), a naturally...

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PE-22-28 Peptide: Depression and Neurogenesis Research

PE-22-28, a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring peptide spadin, is garnering significant attention in research studies.  Spadin, derived from sortilin, appears to act as an antagonist to the TREK-1 (TWIK-related-potassium channel) receptor, making it a...

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Matrixyl Peptide: Research in Anti-aging and Tissue Repair

Known by various names, including palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 and palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, Matrixyl appears to exhibit a unique structure characterized by its conjugation with palmitoyl. This structural modification is speculated to enhance its delivery across the skin...

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P21 Peptide: Research in Neurological Disorders and Appetite

P21 peptide is an engineered, synthetic analog of CNTF, a naturally occurring protein responsible for promoting neuronal growth. While CNTF's effects have primarily been explored within the nervous system, it is important to note that receptors for this peptide exist...

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